Why fashion matters

Amazin Fashion: Why fashion matters

Fashion is art. You’ve seen a lot of celebrities and public figures, entertainment shows, and events where fashion is a big deal. 

It has always been a huge thing since fashion presents how people carry themselves and how they want other people to perceive them. Although people associate the word with extravagance and glamour, Amazin Fashion is here to help you understand its importance!

Most people live their lives without finding their fashion sense. They wear what they know, repeat their clothes, and grow old not knowing what fashion can do to them. You should not be afraid to dress well, try out different styles, and give fashion a try. 

Fashion is universal and has been a part of everything you know. Here’s why:

History and culture

The fashion trends that you know today is the effect of historical moments and cultural traditions. What people choose to wear represents their beliefs, values, and their past. 

Clothes began as a need but as time went by, they evolved with different styles, designs, and brands. Looking at different fashion trends will also allow you to know what counts as trendy during the ’80s and what clothes were offensive during the dark ages.

When visiting other countries, you will also observe how other people uphold their culture by being innovative with their fashion sense. They put the effort into being creative while also maintaining their heritage. Fashion isn’t all about beauty!


Expressing yourself through fashion can be challenging, but when you finally do it right, it can be the most rewarding thing in the world. 

When you wear something that captures who you are as a person, it will be easier for you to move and go through the day without feeling afraid. Self-expression can boost your confidence and build your self-esteem.

Self-expression through the clothes you wear is simple. You don’t have to follow the latest fashion trends and be stylish at all times. Keep it real, know what colours give you comfort, and have fun with it. It will help you protect your identity and allow you to speak your truth.

Fashion has also helped people freely express their gender identity. Decades ago, you will get dirty looks from people if you’re a man wearing a dress, and worse, you might even get hurt. 

However, because of progressive icons in the fashion industry, people are now given a sense of freedom in expressing their gender in what they wear. Besides, it’s about time to encourage people to wear what they want. 

Talent and creativity

In the fashion industry, you will meet a lot of people whose talent and creativity when it comes to designing and experimenting with clothes is remarkable. How they dress other people works like magic and can basically turn anyone into fashion icons in a matter of hours. 

Fashion will also bring out your creativity because it will require you to maximize your imagination as much as possible. A lot of fashion icons and recognized fashion designers have reached success since they took risks and made innovations. In fashion, the sky is not the limit. If you are creative enough, nothing is impossible.

Entertainment industry

The entertainment industry will not survive without fashion. Celebrities and models will not thrive without their fashion designers, makeup artists, and stylists. 

If you see your favourite actress at an awards show wearing an elegant gown, chances are their stylist made it happen. They make sure public figures look decent and striking on their screen time.

Most of the time, fashion trends begin with popular celebrities. The entertainment industry shapes what the consumers should follow and imitate. In this way, fashion thrives and reaches people everywhere, making it a global phenomenon.


When you attend fashion events, you will observe how people unite by wearing the same stylish clothes. Fashion brings people together through what they wear. 

Who would have ever thought you’d be friends with the quiet kid in class because you both like grunge attire? Did you expect you’ll marry someone great because their fashion sense perfectly fits yours? 

The point is, no matter how much people think fashion is pointless, you can’t deny the fact it kick starts many meaningful connections among the crowd.

What fashion styles can you try?

If you have decided to up your game and try fashion once and for all, we got your back! There are a lot of fashion styles out there and you can give them a shot to find what you really like. The world of fashion is massive and as years go by, it keeps evolving and transforming. 

In today’s society, there are a lot of fashion trends you can choose from. These trends have allowed people to stay true to their values and gender identity expression. They have set an outline so you can easily decide what you are comfortable in. 

The good news is, you can be as imaginative as you want and rebrand your image with different styles. Fashion is limitless, that’s why you should never be afraid to own your style. You can try the following trends:

Bohemian style

This style is strongly related to hippie fashion and has become a part of the mainstream culture after it originated in the late 60s and 70s. If you are a fan of earth tones and look cool wearing prints and accessories, Bohemian is your style! 

You can wear stylish head wraps, maxi dresses, faux leather sandals, and cute cardigans. The bohemian fashion style is the perfect option for people who want to show their artistic styles.

Grunge style

Grunge look is one of the coolest fashion styles that started in the 90s. It has the rebellious, no-damns-given vibe that mostly sells to teenagers and young adults. With messy hair & make-up, flannel shirts, and vintage shirts, you can already achieve the grunge aesthetics!

This fashion style focuses on the statement of originality and identity. It is more than just a fashion sense, it is the commitment to the idea of breaking away from the expectations of society. Achieving the grunge look also means staying true to who you are and not what other people dictate you to be.

Sporty style

Are you a part of a basketball varsity team and you want to maintain the athletic look wherever you go? Give the sporty style a try! It uses athletic wear such as leggings, sweatshirts and biking shorts as an outfit you can take on the streets. 

This style is perfect if you have to travel, take a walk, and do physical activities since the clothes are comfortable and easy to wear, but still stylish and chic.

Punk style

Avid fans and listeners of punk music, unite! Punk fashion is inspired by the punk rock styles of the 70s and 80s. To achieve the punk look, buy a leather jacket with spikes, skinny jeans, and big boots. 

Match it with a dyed mohawk and heavy black eyeliner and you’re definitely ready to rock your heart out! Even if you don’t know anything about punk music, go and try the style! It’s always a good day to annoy gatekeepers.

Punk style enthusiasts are also known to have the rebellious vibe because punk is an expression of nonconformity. The music and the style are recognized to go against the rules. Think of it as grunge but more extreme.

Streetwear style

Streetwear fashion has become one of the most influential movements in the world, many thanks to rappers and skaters. Its clothes are usually comfortable and hip such as hoodies, branded sneakers, and baseball caps. 

Supporters of this fashion trend are known as ‘hypebeasts’ who spend way too much money in collecting shoes and limited edition shirts.

Prim and proper style

If you work in an office and you feel like you have no time for fashion anymore, you’re wrong! Dressing sharp using suits, blazers, and pencil skirts is already a fashion statement. 

Being well-groomed in a work environment is a good sign you are a responsible employee. If you want to be experimental, try incorporating other fashion trends to your business attire. You never know, you might bring out the fashion icon in you!

Tomboy style

Not every woman likes wearing skirts, cocktail dresses, and red high heels. Some of them are not a fan of being girly and chic. This tomboy style is the perfect choice for girls who want to try wearing suits, tailored trousers, oxford shoes, and cool neckties. Don’t let people stop you from wearing a suit just because you’re a girl!

Be in style with Amazin Fashion

It’s never too late to be in style and try the latest fashion trends! 

If you’ve only realized the essence of fashion just now, head to our online shop and pick the clothes that would suit you best. Our team will also be in touch with you if you have questions. Feel free to reach out!

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