What NOT to wear at a wedding

Amazin Fashion: What NOT to wear at a wedding

When invited to a wedding, you feel privileged to witness a couple’s connection bloom in the best way possible. You are present in celebrating their most significant milestone as life partners and you get to see the beginning of a long journey ahead. 

It’s a good feeling! But as a wedding guest, you have the responsibility of showing your respect by dressing appropriately and looking decent throughout the ceremony.

Don’t worry, Amazin Fashion is here to advise you on what not to wear during weddings! Make sure that your outfits match the wedding theme and follow the bride’s wishes. Remember that wedding pictures are forever and once it’s out there, you can’t undo your attires. Here are some outfits you should never wear during a wedding:

Anything predominantly white

Even if it’s just an intimate wedding with a small number of guests, you should never, ever wear white to a wedding. In most cultures and wedding traditions, brides wear white gowns or dresses and you should not match what they are wearing. 

Revealing attires 

Wearing a short, revealing cocktail dress during a wedding ceremony is off-limits. Choose a slightly conservative attire and your skirts should be knee-length. There is no problem if you want to show off your slim legs or wear an off-shoulder dress.

Casual attire

Being underdressed when attending a wedding gives off the impression that you don’t want to be there. It’s hard to give up the denim pants and the hoodies sometimes, but you should dress with respect. 

Even though the wedding will be held in a not-too-grand location, skip the jeans and the flip flops. You can wear something comfortable but decent and sharp. After all, it’s still a wedding and not a birthday party.

Exaggerated makeup

Wearing makeup during weddings is a must. Most wedding couples hire makeup artists to look after their guests because everyone should look presentable and lovely in the wedding pictures. However, overdoing your makeup is not advisable at all. 

If the situation allows, go for subtle-looking makeup such as using neutral tones and light lipsticks. You don’t want to get dirty and judgemental looks from your guests. During the wedding day, all eyes should be on the bride, so try and be modest with the cosmetics.

Anything against the couple’s wishes

Upon receiving the wedding invitation, read it thoroughly and look out for the dress code. Chances are they will explicitly say what they want the guests to wear and you should dress accordingly. 

In this way, you show your respect by preparing and taking the time to consider a decent outfit. This is one of the best gifts you can offer to the bride and groom during their big day.

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