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Amazin Fashion: Wedding ideas

Just like any other big events, weddings are hard to plan and they’re even harder to execute. Hundreds of weddings have happened in history and wedding planners are running out of creative ideas on how to make a wedding extraordinary and different. 

Your big day is happening in a year and you want to start planning as soon as now. Skip the cliché themes and the usual shenanigans of a wedding, you want a ceremony that tells your story as a couple. 

Have a unique nuptial that can fit your style and creativity. Don’t know where to start? Amazin Fashion is here to help! Here are some creative wedding ideas to consider:

Make use of art

Did you and your partner meet in an art gallery where you first talked to each other? Are you both into literature and write for a living? Let the art inspire your wedding day! Make it your wedding theme and customize your invitations with art-related designs. 

You can also set up a mini art exhibit for the guests, a small selection of books on the tables, or a poetry reading! With art, anything is possible.

Rent a photo booth

During weddings, people are usually well-dressed in suits and dresses. It gives them the confidence boost to smile and present themselves appropriately. You can set up a photo booth for the guests to entertain them and make great memories! 

Ask for song requests

Having a great playlist that your guests can relate to is a fun wedding idea! When everyone starts dancing and letting loose, they can dance their hearts out to songs they know. Ask them to list their favourite dance tracks, compile them, and hand them over to the DJ. 

Having a great selection of songs on your wedding day will also play a role in making memories. You don’t want to bore your guests with a classical music playlist they don’t know or make their ears bleed with rock songs. Asking them for song requests is also a way of ensuring the best guest experience on your big day. 

Hire an artist to paint your wedding

Photographers are great to have on your wedding day, but for a more unique experience, you can hire an artist to live-paint your wedding. In hiring a painter, the tricky part is to find someone who would fit your style. 

Although live painting is growing more popular each year, there aren’t many live painters out there. But when you do find someone, it’s a treat! You can ask them for their previous artworks, portfolio, and their artistic process. 

Get to know the artist so you can reach an agreement on how they will document the wedding. It’s important that you love the artist’s style that you can hang their art on your walls and feel no remorse. 

Whatever choice you want for your wedding, what matters is you do what makes you happy.

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