Amazin Fashion: Iconic fashion pieces of all time

Fashion has always been a way to express one’s self to the world. It’s about setting a trend and experimenting with pieces that revolutionize fashion. Over the years, people have witnessed trends come and go, but the things that started it all will remain in people’s minds. 

To this day, iconic outfits and timeless pieces are still seen as some of the things that fashion enthusiasts will always be amazed by. With fashion, both men and women are able to become who they are as individuals and it is evident by how they dress.

With that said, here are some of the most iconic fashion pieces of all time:

Hermès Birkin Bag

As one of the most iconic and trendy bags, the Birkin Bag has always been every woman’s dream bag. It all started in the 80s when Jane Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas, the CEO of Hermès, came up with an idea that shook the world of fashion. The result of their unexpected collaboration is the Hermès Birkin Bag which then became the most recognized luxury bag. 

Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Another timeless piece that you would probably recognize anywhere is the Chanel classic flap bag also known as the Chanel 2.55. This iconic bag is the result of Coco Chanel’s idea of elevating a normal clutch bag into something more unique but still elegant. This allows women to carry theatre leaflets and champagne glasses while still carrying their bags. 

During the first year of the bag, Coco Chanel had to refuse orders because of the high demand. That alone already made this bag an iconic piece that will not go away anytime soon. 

Christian Louboutin Red-bottoms

High-heeled shoes with red bottoms are easily recognized everywhere you go. For the women of the fashion industry, these shoes are a show stopper. The revolutionary red bottoms were inspired by Christian Louboutin’s assistant who was at that time painting her nails red. He then took the nail polish and began painting the bottom of the heels. 

Chanel suit   

The Chanel suit changed the fashion game when Coco Chanel introduced it after World War II. Now, the Chanel suit has inspired thousands of look-alikes that almost every woman owns a piece that resembles it whether the skirt, jacket or full suit. 

Moreover, the Chanel suit is also one of the most recognizable works of Coco Chanel including the Chanel 2.55 Bag. 

Louis Vuitton Luggage

Louis Vuitton is famous for its iconic trunks that established Louis Vuitton as a powerful fashion designer. Along with the luggage, another timeless piece designed by Louis Vuitton is the LV Keepall which to this day, is still one of the most recognized pieces of the fashion house.

Diane Von Fürstenberg Wrap Dress 

Launched in 1972, the Diane Von Fürstenberg Wrap Dress remains one of the most popular fashion pieces. These days, fashion brands create various styles and designs inspired by DVF’s iconic dress. The design of the wrap dress was inspired by DVF’s observation of what women want. She stated that women want versatile, simple, classic, comfortable and slimming clothes. 

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