The most influential fashion icons you should follow

Amazin Fashion: The most influential fashion icons you should follow

People have followed celebrities and kept themselves updated with their new relationships, TV projects, music releases, and most of all, their fashion styles. The world is filled with a lot of talented public figures who have contributed to the success of the fashion industry with their iconic looks people try to imitate. 

Amazin Fashion is here to talk to you about these fashion legends and how they completely changed the game. The fashion industry will not survive without the fashion icons and their revolutionary ideas. 

Yes, it’s all about clothes, but the essence of fashion starts with people. It begins with how these fashion legends take the risk to push different trends to their limits. The key to succeeding is creativity, and the most significant fashion icons never run out of them.


Aside from her pop music and strong personality, Rihanna’s fashion has been the most influential of all time. She allows her Caribbean heritage to be included in her fashion sense and music to spread its relevance across the world. 

Different clothing lines have partnered with Rihanna because her influence is so great it has greatly increased their sales. She also graces fashion’s most important occasions with her presence. She never fails to show up with the bravest and the most ground-breaking looks. 

With Rihanna, it is always important to think outside the box. People’s admiration for her has been unstoppable and she certainly deserves every ounce of respect that is given to her in the fashion industry.

Audrey Hepburn

Who would ever forget Audrey Hepburn? At one point in your life, you’ve tried imitating her fashion style. Her delicate body figure served as the perfect way to show off her sophisticated fashion elegance, making her one of the most prominent stars in the industry. 

Her black dress, pearl necklaces, and long gowns have become the most popular look for many years. Audrey Hepburn could pull off any look and amaze her audience in the most fashionable way. She also tried wearing masculine clothing throughout her career.  

Harry Styles

Known as a former member of one of the greatest boy bands of the decade, Harry Styles is recognized to be a fashion king who breaks the barriers of gender when it comes to clothing. 

His ability to pull off an outfit that mixes masculine and feminine attributes have broken the internet way too many times. The singer is not afraid to take risks and go beyond the boundaries of masculinity.

During his success in his music career, Harry Styles is also one of the most in-demand fashion legends in the industry. He’s not scared to make a statement by wearing dresses and showing her feminine side in his concerts and fashion events. 

Timothee Chalamet

Just like Harry Styles, Timothee Chalamet has pushed the limits of conventional menswear fashion. His prince-like features, youthful charm and stylish ideas have gained him the reputation of being a fashion legend. 

Most importantly, he does all of this on his own. Being in the fashion industry without a stylist is challenging, and Chalamet has welcomed the challenge with open arms.

After gaining a huge amount of popularity in his role in Call Me By Your Name, Timothee Chalamet has been the talk of the fashion industry because of his colour choices. In a world where everyone chooses to wear black tuxedos, you will often see him wearing bright and colourful shades. 

Billy Porter

Billy Porter has changed the face of the fashion industry. As a gender-bending legend, he treats fashion as a form of art and a way of self-expression. He wears elegant dresses on the red carpet and completely pulls off every outfit. 

Moreover, Porter has garnered respect because he uses fashion not only for glamour but to broadcast his authenticity and identity. He’s not hesitant and shy when it comes to breaking the norms of gender. 

Porter’s appearance always sparks conversations and controversies because of his open defiance. He’s not doing it by simply doing the bare minimum. He makes sure he fully embraces the beauty of femininity every chance he gets.

Princess Diana

Known to be a member of the royal family, she made people fall in love with her through her iconic styles. Princess Diana was frequently photographed showcasing her ‘80s apparel and how she looked like a fashion model every time. 

If you browse the internet for her images, you would observe her style was rather casual. So, what was the appeal?

The thing is, she used her fashion style as an extension of who she is. Her outfits looked warm and charming because these are the qualities she possessed. Although she belonged to a very powerful family, she remained humble but served looks with her style.

David Bowie

Fashion is a form of individualism, and David Bowie took it as a chance to break the rules of gender. When performing on stage, the rock star was theatrical when it came to his outfits and style. 

Bowie used fashion to change personas, create alter-egos, and explore his creativity, inspiring a lot of designers throughout his career. He was known to be a rock phenomenon who wore bold jumpsuits and colourful outfits while singing his heart out. 

David Bowie was also known to put on glamorous make-up which made him one of the most progressive icons during the ‘70s and ‘80s. 

How do you become a fashion icon?

If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming a fashion icon, you know how hard it is to reach the top and make a name. Fashion requires innovation and money and you feel like you have neither. It’s easy to get discouraged along the way but it’s time to let your worries go! 

Being a fashion icon has only one rule for you to start: embrace who you are. It means you are willing to take risks, a lot of them. They have set the standard of style and fashion trends. 

There is nothing wrong with admiring them and imitating their looks, but in fashion, it pays to have originality. Fashion is all about individuality, and here are some tips to get you started:

Embrace your style

When establishing your fashion style, you must accept how you look. Start by reading fashion magazines to explore different styles. You have to pick your aesthetic by carefully choosing outfits and accessories that will represent who you are. 

Although this might take time and a little bit of experimentation, knowing what style perfectly suits you is a reward and a step in the right direction. You should never miss this step! Being confident with every outfit you wear is a must for every fashion icon.

To help you get some results, you can do some research. Take a look at the history of fashion, observe how it evolved over the years, and what styles are trendy this year. IF you want to make a change in the fashion industry, you have to look timeless.

Choose an inspiration

Starting your career in the fashion industry can be hard if you don’t have a blueprint. You have to start somewhere. This can be as easy as choosing an inspiration, knowing their stories, and the evolution of their style. 

By being inspired by someone’s fashion, you can begin thinking of your creative ideas on how you will take things to the next level. For instance, if you like Rihanna’s fashion style, how can you get inspiration from her and still stay true to yourself and what you want?

Take advantage of social media

As an up-and-coming fashion icon, you should have a social media presence. Create accounts and pages where you can display your outfit-of-the-days and your aesthetic. 

You can also set up a fashion blog where you can tell your fashion journey, garner an audience, and give advice to your fellow fashion enthusiasts. With this, you can meet people in the same industry and expand your network which can give you opportunities.

Don’t be apologetic

If you want to succeed and become a resident fashion icon, you have to stop feeling sorry. Have you ever seen a fashion legend apologizing to everyone just because the audience doesn’t like how they look? 

Being a fashion icon means owning your style and not letting other people’s opinions affect what you do. A lot of well-recognized fashion icons have reached success because they minded their own business and kept doing what they do despite the criticisms. Walk the streets, chin up, and don’t mind the haters, as the saying goes!

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Amazin Fashion believes in your capabilities and your potential in the world of fashion. You can always make a name and go beyond the borders. Choose your lovely outfits at our shop now and start your journey!

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