Amazin Fashion: How to style casual street chic

There are a lot of clothing styles to try out there, and the process of choosing the right ensemble to wear can be confusing, especially when you don’t know what everyone else is wearing. We want to look our best and have fun while going out. For some people, it is a big challenge to decide what to wear, for others it does not require any thought at all. Our traits and preferences are different, and that’s alright. 

Everyone wants to make an effort to look good and dress well when going out. When going out to parties, dates or simple get-togethers, people usually worry about wearing something too casual or too dressy. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Here are some tips for rocking casual street fashion fit for any occasion: 

  1. Remember the basics
    – Just like learning in school, it is important to know about the basic clothing styles and pieces before attempting to move on to more complicated ensembles. Experiment with simple t-shirts, jeans, plain jackets, and see what works best for your style and preferences.
  2. Don’t be afraid of color and patterns
    – Once you get the basics down, take the time to choose the colors and patterns you like. These can be selected according to your preferences, body shape and size. Choosing the right combination of colors and patterns can bring out a new personality in your clothing style.
  3. Plan your outfits
    – For those who are indecisive and find it difficult to choose their clothes, it is a good idea to plan an outfit the day before to avoid delays and rash decisions on what to wear. Once you get the hang of planning, choosing clothes will soon become a breeze.
  4. Ask for opinions
    – If you don’t trust yourself to make a decision, you can approach your trusted friends or family members to give their opinion. Give them a few options and ask them what they think looks better on you.
  5. Choose by season
    – In some countries, the weather can change drastically, which is why it is a good idea to dress well. Coats aren’t ideal for summer, and shorts shouldn’t be worn during winter. Dressing practical is dressing smartly.
  1. Prioritize comfort
    – What use is wearing good clothes if you feel horrible in them? Choose options that are comfortable and make you feel confident in your own skin.
  2. Refer to your style icons
    – Observe photos of the celebrities you look up to and try out their style options. These can serve as style inspirations, and you can pattern your looks similarly.

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